The District supports Mission and Evangelism with money and expertise.  There is an initiative to plant and re-seed Churches led by the Church Planting Group - contact Revd Peter Hancock.  

Grants for mission projects can be applied for from the District.

Each Church and Circuit is required to have a Mission and Discipleship Policy to support evangelism and discipleship.

The District in partnership with the Regional Learning Network hosts a number of events to:

  • encourage churches to find relevant and effective ways of being church and engaging with their local communities.
  • work, wherever possible, with Christians of other denominations in the nurturing of disciples, training, and fresh expressions of church.
  • offer a forum for discussion of important issues faced by The Church in relation to evangelism and fresh expressions.
  • offer training throughout the district to enable local churches and circuits to be better equipped in relation to evangelism and fresh expressions.
  • promote an ethos of disciple making, life changing, and community transforming within the Chester and Stoke-on-Trent District.