In partnership with others wherever possible:

1. We will promote the Christian worship of God by making worship attractive, relevant and inclusive using the best of modern innovative styles and the best of the enduring, resonant traditional forms – encouraging followers of both styles to be mutually discerning and affirming;

2. We will make mission - real engagement of kingdom values and living faith with society - a key priority.  We will invest in new and imaginative ways of outreach, fresh ways of being church, community development, work among young people and chaplaincy projects.  We will encourage churches that have policies and faith – energy to take them into a hopeful future;

3. We will maintain our status as a Fair Trade District and work for the overcoming of critical poverty in the world while promoting environmental care in congregations;

4. We will encourage a culture of continuous learning and encourage ministers and members to live reflectively and enjoy occasions of Retreat.  We will promote growth in social and personal spirituality;

5. We will foster effective pastoral systems of care recognising that presbyters will be fewer and less local.  We will encourage the exploration of various styles and roles of ministry – presbyteral, diaconal and lay – through foundation training.  We will uphold good practice in Safeguarding policy and its implementation so that our premises and meetings are safe places for children and vulnerable adults;

6. We will use the District constitution to ensure that we liberate people for involvement in Church and community by making systems and structures less complex and time consuming.  We will also encourage the appropriate use of lay administration;

7. We will help churches and circuits think collaboratively – have ‘porous boundaries’ – and make best use of the skills of lay and ordained ministries, developing a more flexible outlook as on a larger map.  This will help the avoidance of institutional waste caused by spreading resources too thinly and allow us to invest in points of potential growth and areas of distinct need;

8. We will work closely with other churches, especially the Church of England, to live out the statement of unity enshrined in the Anglican-Methodist Covenant.  We will also develop relationships of respect and pastoral co-operation with the URC and other denominations;

9. We will develop good relations and understanding with representatives of other world faiths without compromising the Christian gospel;

10. We will be prayerful in all things and arrange District prayer days and the publication of an annual prayer manual.  Although we live in the secular climate of Western Europe, we will hold to Christian hope.  We will give God all thanks and glory through Jesus Christ in the communion of the Holy Spirit as we look for the coming Kingdom.