Connexional Methodist Children and Youth website.

The Well is the network for all people working with children and young people in the Methodist Church, whether paid or unpaid.  The Well aims to provide networking opportunities, training and retreats to help support those working with children and young people in a range of settings.  Members of The Well receive a newsletter three times a year and regular emails keeping people informed of the latest events, opportunities and information from the Children and Youth team.  There is a dedicated section on the website for The Well offering a range of information, advice and guidance.  Joining The Well is free and is done via the worker page

3Generate is an action-packed and inspiring weekend for hearing the voice of children and young people across the Methodist Church, focussing on fun, faith and friends.


District Education & Youth Committee  - structure and issues covered

The committee consists of three groups – Children’s team, youth team and further education.

Children’s Team:  Jacqui Gillon
Youth Team:  (vacancy)

The committee consists of Revd Helen Kirk, Rob Glassonbury, Penny Hassall, Ken Martin, Ruth Pickles plus all employed Youth Workers.

An annual meeting is held to discuss reports from the three groups, review grant policy, and receive the Treasurer’s report.

Youth Participation Strategy (YPS)
The District is fully aligned with the principles of encouraging and empowering young people to participate at all levels of the church. 

Grants Policy - guidelines
The committee approves grant requests in a flexible and discretionary manner at committee meetings, or by email correspondence.

The District provides financial assistance for:

  • start-up initiatives,
  • the cost of local or District events including holiday clubs and toddlers clubs,
  • travelling to events, or for the purchase of equipment – where connected to Youth or Children’s activities
  • Subsidy for 3Generate or other events is normally limited to 20% of the cost (where felt justified, transport grants of up to £20 per person may be approved)
  • Funding may be granted for the purchase of laptops or projectors in exceptional circumstances, when used for youth or children’s work
  • Assistance with start-up grants for Youth or Children’s worker projects is limited to £500 maximum, grants for equipment limited to £250, and grants for overseas travel limited to £200.

Grants will not be approved for structural work to buildings (although decoration of premises for youth/children’s work may be acceptable).  No retrospective grants will be awarded, and repeated requests from a single group in one financial year should be discouraged.